Payment for spider magazine articles

I just wanted to know if spider magazine pays you for writing as article

of course they pay you, no one would write for free.

Yes, they do, but it depends on the article and their mood as to how much they pay.

wzub on this forum has some experience in this regard

Yeah I also wanted to know about it!! Can anybody tell??

Waiting for its details upon personal experience.....

Spider is crap. Utter crap. Especially for active members on these forums who get the tech news anyway while surfing the web. It's been years since the articles lost their unique flavor and started to seem like copy-paste jobs. The last two years, I renewed just for the sake of it. No renewal for this year or in the future.

Netmag was/is even worse than Spider. Dunno about @internet since I haven't read it as extensively as the other two.

^ @internet is cool, sometimes i buy it and read it, totally satisfied with it. And yeah, Spider is crap.

I like know more about it

yup whats the wesbite for @internet.