Patriotic Pakistani Girl

WTF? Is this for real? :o

Damn! its something (apparently Pakistani people are saying now that they hate Pakistan in front of camera on Pakistani TV) . Girl is obviously touched in the head but the guy/host got issues of his own.

Old story !!! She was studing in some college in DHA 8, wanted to go to USA... Girls like her called "Ch***ia" here... They don't even know what they are saying... Look at her face !!!


^ lol forget it. Her name is Sadia Anwar and she is some kinda cheap girl. Waqar took a good action against her :D

^ok. well if you change your mind email me. i can always add a new curse word in my vocabulary :)

@satan22o4 & kratos24

I think we should try to avoid using these words.

wtf...she is mad,looser ,pathetic and.........(censored) :|

Waqar is the biggest jerk in pakistani media. He sux .........

Waqar the guy who comes in that living on the edge show right?

I saw him today at Cafe Coffee day.

Just saw the video.. And HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

It looks planned.

It was quite obviously staged. And regardless of the motives, the hypocrisy portrayed in those ten minutes was mind blowing...!

What in the God's name is the purpose of this show? What on earth are they trying to convey. I mean seriously, the attitude of the host, the dumbness of the girl and the script written is just stupid and childish. I am so glad that I don't watch any of these pathetic tv channels.

^ It wasn't planned. I know the girl !! She was stuging in DCW. Cos of dis dumbness she got herself out of that collge and don't know where she is :(

Well if this wasn't staged then this girl is a real piece of work. As for the host, Waqar. He's a retard, always was and probably always will be. You only need to look at his face to figure that one out! His fake rant on patriotism was just disgraceful.

After watching the above clips, it is quiet evident that this show is based on vulgarity and insanity in the name of bravery.

The Pakistan electronic media regulatory authority becomes active if some TV channel shows the evil side of GHQ or those in power, but shows like these are not only being allowed to air, they're even being given appreciation by some government officials.

This is just needless immorality. I'm all for free media but the people making these shows should be a bit more responsible.

^^ LOL guys telling how he raped girl on media. WTF !! Is this islami jamuhiria Pakistan or Harami Jamuhiria Pakistan ??????? :?

lol @ Waqar mela

Kawa Chala Hans Ki Chal , Aur apni b Bhool gaya