I love writing so usually participate in the essay competitions..In the past years,I participated in a lot of essay competitions being advertised in different newspapers(particularly in DAWN) and will u believe that uptil now,no results for that competitions...I guess its been a year since that(3) competition was officially held..

When I called their office as the last resort to have some info about the results,they said that they are short of budget and they cant afford the money that is to be given to the winners....Unless and until government give them some budget,they cant make arrangements for the ceremony and I found that extremely extremely ridiculous..!!

Why do they hold competitions if they cant manage..???It's a sheer joke with all the participants and their hardwork...!!!

For sure its a newspaper agency and they do need to make a big news of an event like that, a big news comes when there will be a big arranged event! and it need budget surely! the basic idea Big News!

And its a big joke with competetors. They did disgrace the spirits coz its a competetion!


I have one word that explains all: corruption

Can they be sued?

I know why don't we take pea shooters and shoot their lalas till they go to lala land. No

Ok seriously, I don't think anything can be done except send this news to rival news agencies and websites, so that they don't make the same mistake twi.... thri..... what ever comes after that.