Password Problem

Strange problem 2 weeks back i start my computer when i login to my account my msn password my linksys router password my maxcom billing password which was saved on my computer not save and even login id..... I tried Antivius spyware ,,,,Norton ,AVG , and Microsoft security essentials. so typed login id and password again . then i restated it gave me the same probelm all my saved id and password not showing. SO i format the drive and Installed New XP few days every thing was fine frol two days back its giving me same problem.

BTW i am using Orginal XP ..with Sp2 updated and my System is updated from Windows Update.

any 1 has experienced this problem please share it.

i google it but could't find it.

Are you using Firefox browser? Did you mean that the Firefox did not remember your saved username and passwords? If so then it means that you have corrupt files in profile in Firefox. This happens due to improper shutdown (load-shedding). Sometime, the fix is easy, all you need to do is to delete cookies files and Firefox will again start saving your username and passwords.

i am using IE 8 and its also not woking on MSN messenger

its some kind of Freezing software. back then i was using it. dont remember tha name exactly.

it freez your window (everything running on ur window too). do what u want... download virus, hack, cracks, trojans , etc .... do whatever u want . but u restart your pc its all gone.


this freezing software is working like a Virtual Window. hope u understand.

I have had the same issue since weeks. and even tried for any resolution. but I failed and nothing found yet. I even tried for workarounds by uninstalling some softwares which were doubting around the internet for problem. and finally I emailed to live support. please read the following what I wrote to them and what their reply is.

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Hi KA,

This is Robert from Windows Live Messenger Technical Support.

I understand that you are always prompted to enter your username and password even though you have selected the options to remember these credentials. You tried to fix the issue by uninstalling some software on your computer but to no avail. I apologize if you had difficulty using this feature.

Please know that this is a known issue with Windows Live Messenger. Our product group is aware of this and is diligently investigating and working for a resolution. The fix is set to be rolled out on the next release of Windows Live Messenger.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.



Windows Live Messenger Technical Support


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Windows Live Messenger

What type of problem do you have?

I can sign in, but I need something fixed [i can sign in, but I need something fixed]

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more extently and specifically the issue is as follows.

Remember login and password information works fine until I restart the computer. means all goes fine when I exit the application and relaunch it again, it remembers the details. but when I restart the computer all get gone.


I have been facing this issue since some weeks, not only with Windows Live Messenger but all the windows live services that I am not able to save my login and password in the system. it also happens with any login form when I access it in the Internet Explorer. but other messengers like gtalk yahoo etc. are ok remembring my login detail and so the other browsers as well are able to remember the details.

I searched a lot on google since weeks but there is no any solution I found else than some I found on but they were also not solved there instead hey recommended to consult with the


I have tried uninstalling a couple of softwares like yahoo toolbar, google updater, outlook connector, windows live signin assisttant, some others. but the issue persists.

I would really be greatfull if you help in this regard. because I have tried every thing what I could do before asking it to you.

the problem is on more than one of my machines. that are up to date and virus protected.

Thank you very much

waiting for your reply



Which Version of Messenger are you running? (Within Messenger, click the ''Help'' menu and then select ''About'' to find the current version.)

Windows Live Messenger 2009 (version 14.0) [Windows Live Messenger 2009 (version 14.0)]

Frequency of the issue:

Always present [Always present]

Where are you trying to connect from?

Other [Other]

If you have a firewall, which one?

Windows Firewall [Windows Firewall]

Type of Internet connection:


Which operating system are you using?

Windows XP: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)

Which browser are you using: IE7-IE8

Location: en-us - English (United States)

Type of Support: E-mail Support

Browser Default Language: en-US


Have you tried system restore?

Did this occur after a window update?

Also use pidgen instead of live messenger

^yes restoration can fix the problem if you do know the approximate date of the issue first happened. but restoration is not a good choice if you have been trying to fix this for a couple of weeks because there is a lot more things you will not want to be rolled back on previous states.

and the problem is not with only live messenger it is almost with all windows live services that use and even share the same mechanism for signin operations. and to me it is the root to be fixed. all happened at the same time while I have had started noticing them.

and yes I think this happened after some windows update.

but still wishing it not to be any virus or spyware or some kind of identity theft. I am afraid of that because there is gonna be big trouble for me if it was that.

but I also have some what satisfied with the Windows Live Support response. I hope and wish the problem would be with their own services.

Wait, Wait a minute!!!

You have XP SP2, and you have been updating as well. Don't you know SP3 is out. I think there must a conflict with the Win updates, software updates and SP2.

I am on SP3 fully updated and as well some machines with SP2 and SP3 both are having the issue same in some manners. I am not able to find any specifics in all of them

some of the machines in the same network are fine with no issue. "this also spots me to think some what that it might not be any spreading virus or any thing."

^Oh sorry I was referring my previous post to Sam33r. Anyways you debunked my theory, so back to square one.

No. not at all.

and I know that I am in the discussion and I just represented my part. I didn't spoke on behalf of any one

so may be that would be useful to Sam33r what you were explaining :)