Password Door v8.4.2


There are a lot of fine software installed on your computer, you know them well: MS-Office, WinZip, Windows Media Player, Real One Player, AcdSee, Outlook Express. Most of them have no password protection, so anyone who shares your workstation can launch one of these applications and use it to browse or modify your data that was created by it. You don't want to have to learn to use new software that have the password protection feature, but you do want the password protection feature for your existing software. Now you can use Password Door to add password protection to any software. When software is protected by Password Door, anyone who wants to use that software must enter the correct password in order to launch it.

Password protects any program on your computer.

It is very easy to protect a program: Password Door will automatically detect all the installed programs on your computer and list them on the main window, you only need to double-click at any item in the "Installed Programs" list box, then specify a password for it, the program then will be protected.

Password protects programs anywhere.

If you protected a program, then all the instances of the program will be totally protected, if you moved the program to another location, or renamed the program, or installed a new instance of the program, the protection will be still applied.

If you uninstalled a protected program, the protection will be kept, once you re-installed the program again, the protection then will be automatically enabled again.

Advanced features allow you protect almost 100% programs.

You can simply use the drag and drop feature to protect any program. You click at the "Target" icon in the main window of Password Door, and hold down the left mouse button, then move to any existed window, release left mouse button. Then the program who owned the window will be automatically captured and protected. Password Door also supports to protect programs with the "ClassName" and "Window Title" attributes.

Password Door will not modify any program.

Password Door doesn't use the encryption mode to protect a program, it will not modify the protected programs, or any file of the programs. So it will never cause the programs to be destroyed and you will never lose any data.

Protects Password Door itself.

You can specify the admin password to protect the Password Door itself. Anyone who want to launch the Password Door must enter the correct password. The password also will protect the uninstaller, you must provide the correct password in order to uninstall the software.

Supports schedule options.


^ Question:

1) What happens if someone start Windows in Safe-Mode? Will this software still password protect those listed softwares?

2) Is it a freeware?

3) Is it an open source?

4) Is it copyrighted commercial software?

5) Are you giving us a link to pirated software?

Just to caution you, please follow the forum rules as this forum do not allow pirated software and linking to them:

Thank you for your effort but piracy is stealing.

P.S. I haven't downloaded or tested the above mentioned software. Is it possible that the author of post or any other Wiredian can please confirm that the above mentioned software is not a pirated software?

^ Do you think that a key-generator is provided with an open source software?

NO. It "IS" a pirated software!


remove your download link as I think you didn't read the forum rules. follow the link in wampyr's post.

description about the software is more than enough. that was good you get along with such software.

but dont throw the links in with pirated software/content.

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alert:download contains pirated content.

original software developer

download from here, buy it or use it as trial.

edit: tested.. software is good. but I dont need it. so uninstalled

thanks i got the link before getting deleted

Hello sah and Asad, it needs your attention here. this is 6th hour since the thread is live and so the link in it.

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Hello sah and Asad, it needs your attention here. this is 6th hour since the thread is live and so the link in it.

Use the report link next time.