Partitions on a flashdrive?

>>I have got 4GB corsair flash voyager. I want to make 4 partitions of 1000Mb each! Is it possible?

>>Along with the purchase of this flash drive, a software named TRUECRYPT also came in it... can truecrypt make partitions or it is just the encryption software?

The software is the same as the rest of the Corsair Voyager family. You don't have to use the software on the disk, but the software provided is very easy to use and worth installing. The software included on the stick allows you to rename / repartition the USB stick, however for those who need a secure partition for their data, the Corsair utility needs to be installed on every machine that the drive is used on. This is fine if you're only ever going to use the drive in two locations, but otherwise it can become a pain in the backside having to install something wherever you go,

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i dunno much about it as i have never tied it... but i think it is possible.... first try the windows method, go to control panel -> Administrative tools -> computer managment -> disk management. there youl c your usb drive as a hole break the hole partition and rebuilt it... if it doesnt work try a 3rd party software like G-Parted

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I don't see any reason to partition flash drive. If you want four partitions then why not create four folders to keep data separate?

Windows by default do not support partitions in flash drive. I shall not recommend you to make partitions on flash drive.


Having said that, look at the following article to create partitions on flash drive:

Multi partition a USB flash drive in Windows

Or you can try to use this tool:

SwissKnife V3.22

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