Paradyne ADSL Reach Router for Sale

[h]Paradyne ADSL Reach Router for Sale.[/h]

6381: 1xRJ45, 1xUSB, integrated phone filter (Line in and Phone out Jacks), ReachDSL/ADSL2+ < Paradyne now sells as / manufactures as Zhone.

Used for 10 months with Multinet, no issues what so ever.

Reason for selling: PTCL ONU line, Reach not needed, ADSL2+ syncs easily. ZTE working fine.

Price 1500/-

Islamabad. Call 0300-5119111

Just checked on PTCL (ADSL 2+). Works perfectly.

i dont think you will get a buyer cuz all the dsl providers provide phree modem...

:/ Dont you pay extra for the Modem in the beginning (besides PTCL) ?

LDN charges you 1900 if you need reach modem, (per month) and 1800 if you dont.

I just have clutter in the house. Looking at getting rid of that :P

Yeah, these days, ISPs provide free modems.

Paradyne modems are normally made for specific regions and configured according to local telco standards. What is the full product code for this modem? Please include full information about the product you are selling.

Paradyne 6381-A3-302 ADSL2+ / Reach CPE Bridge/Router

Why Paradyne; cause it specializes in high noise / high attenuation / long distance DSL.

Did you deliberately forgot to mention that ReachDSL requires exchange side (DSLAM) equipment and configuration specifically for ReachDSL, which the buyer's ISP might or might not have? If they don't, its pretty much an average ADSL modem. In that case, the "it specializes in high noise / high attenuation / long distance DSL" is non-existent because ReachDSL is a proprietary technology.

You have also not mentioned what exactly you are selling? Is it the entire contents that come in the box or merely the modem/adapter? No offense but sellers really need to give complete information for such a thread.

I guess forum rules for buy/sell might also need some updating...

Dude, you do realize that it works in both modulation modes!

If you connection is on ADSL 2+ it'll work on that, if its on Reach, you sync at Reach (Cap 2.2Mbps).

Over 3.5 Km, Reach is preferred and used by Multinet, PTCL, LDN and Comsats. Chances are that if you do face attenuation issues, you could tell them that you have a Reach Router, and perhaps they would chance connection jumper settings and ESEs.

Its got a Lan Cable. The CPE Modem. The power adapter, and the installation CD (useful if you want to use USB ports).


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:confused: Dont you pay extra for the Modem in the beginning (besides PTCL) ?

LDN charges you 1900 if you need reach modem, (per month) and 1800 if you dont.


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poton, I could be wrong, but last time I did check every time you need to get a Reach Router, you pay more in monthly tariff fee.

Reach modem and Reach port at the moment as per my INfo only LINKdotNET is providing , and only that person can avail this whoes distance from exchnage is more then 3.5 KM , or which is not fisible on ADSL 2+ technology he is assigned REach modem ( Paradyne) with reach port also which exists in DSLAM of particular exchnage and it is bit expansive then normal ADSL modem

Well LDN, Multinet and Comsats im sure off. PTCL does have the option, but I dont think they really implement it.

And well Micronet too.



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