Palestine - I care!

I got this text in an email from my friend and want to share it with you.....

Do something to show you care about Palestine.

You could:

1. Change your status on facebook/twitter/other social networking sites.

This is what I put: “Amir is showing his support for the people of Palestine. Please do the same to show your friends you care.”

2. Change your photo on facebook/other social networking sites.

The sign and photo I used are attached.

(sorry I dont know how to attach photo here)

3. Think of something yourself to show people you care: Signs at a Football game? YouTube video? Blog? A text message?

4. Forward this email to whoever you want to tell that you care (will that be everyone you know?).

In a networked world we can make change happen faster than at any other time in history. Show other people you care. Call in to your radio station or go on TV. Lobby your politicians. Lobby your friends. Do something.

Do it in the next 5 minutes before you get on with your own busy life.

This message applies to ALL people that care.

Well I care. What I really don't understand that why we muslim just shut our eyes on issues like phalistine, kashmir and other areas where human right violations are ...

Where as If you raise a single voice against hindus in India or jews in other countries you ae dead. I think we need to learn and work on this.

I Care and I'm sure everyone of us cares. But you know what I think, In this world anyone targets you only when you show your weaknesses. In this case Israel would've considered a bit more before attacking, if the Palestenians were united. If HMAAS an Al-Fatah were united. But NO, they have more important stuff to do, like fighting over the issue of making Government. Muslims around the world are punished because of our own Stupidity!!

Satan2204 pls do not take it as if I am writing these lines in reply of your post. I am just requesting everyone who choose to post thier comments regarding this thread, pls pls do not lead to closure of this thread by letting your heat off on political, religious or any other issue.

This is a very sensitive issue and please ignore this thread like any other if you feel like shooting your mouth off here.

Thanks & regards

Someone should make a good looking image which could be displayed in website side bars. If it spreads, it could be pretty effective.

Those who want to speak more openly on this topic and other issues which Muslims of our time face all around the word

please visit

sometimes i feel that. there should be some media giants on internet. who are pro Islamic. at least they can speak by the side of Islamic world. We muslims can use that media to raise of voice.

What if some guys from wiredpakistan start that project?

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sometimes i feel that. there should be some media giants on internet. who are pro Islamic. at least they can speak by the side of Islamic world. We muslims can use that media to raise of voice.

What if some guys from wiredpakistan start that project?


Interesting idea slave bhai. So anyone ? Lets make a team :)

well i'm ready.

lets start working on a non-profit project.A media giant on internet.i'm not saying we will start competing google, yahoo or CNBC etc within days. it will take time. but one day we will, For Muslim Ummah lets get started, why are we killing our time for nothing. if you are thinking about the money i think that is not a big issue. not hard to find the sponsors. But 1st we have to take the 1st step.have to show the people something.

So what we have to do actually? Actually u need to tell people what to do warna everything will think just like main "karna kiya hai bhai ?" :/

PS: can we chat online slave bhai??, you look offline to me since that day. :(

i'm thinking of starting a portal. News system reported by our own news reporters all around the world. Real time polls and voting. Video sharing. A blogging system, A perfect platform for Muslim bloggers.

Next steps

Chat services.

E-mail services.....

Hmmm good idea. i think same site does exists but we r not using them as such like they r using those labeled christian forums.....:(

What about my other question slave bhai. ???

well well well. not sure where to start, but i think 1st need some good web developers. i'm thinking of to make our own portal system. Don't wanna buy any ready made script or system. So that we can customize it when ever we want and according to the expansions. Secondly i think we need a force of news reporters and good bloggers.

hmmmm i think many of the good bloggers are availble here in wired pak. I know few of them too.. Anyways we are with you. get stated:)

but 1st i need web developers :)

who can enhance any open source project "php or preferred .aspx "ASP.NET"

Nice idea.

LAMP (especially PHP + MySQL) will be ideal platform.

However, just creating a platform to get together all Muslims is like creating a "corner". Nobody (other than Muslims) will give a damn about it.

My suggestion is to follow what Jews community is doing. After collecting people on one platform they jointly go to poll on international sites (like CNN) and add comments (not flaming but decent language) to news story (like at BBC).

Can we do it? Instead of just creating a "corner", we all work together and voice ourselves where it does meant something.

thats what i'm saying. The project will be for muslim ummah. Actually what i want is, We need to make our own media giant, Which can help us to raise our voice. Every one will be accepted there. Any one can Read or join. But on that place we will say. The rest of the world will listen to us.

Like CNN. Every person hear to them, but they say what they want.

Idea is good. but like brother said we should join there forums and raise our voice.yesterday i was reading one of those forums and a guy from israel was arguing with the people of europe why they attacked gaza.

so we need to join forums like those...

I sometimes wonder two things

A. Why does Hamas attack Israel in the first place. Why throw a match at a bloody barrel of oil ?

B. Why do we always go up and all this only when Israel attack, but Ive never seen anyone raise a serious voice for the 1 million that are enslaved by our own people in fuedal areas. Its as though Muslims torturing muslims is okay ...


A. To claim that they can still fight (or annoy) Israel.

B. Because we do not collectively care about them, and it isn't very popular fight.

Almost everyone (excluding US) cares for Palestinians whenever Israel starts any major offensive. The problem is nothing good happens once that offensive ends.

US media is extremely pro-Israel, similarly most media outlets in Islamic World are very pro-Palestine. Both of them are unfair and keep spreading hate. It would be nice to see what you create. I hope that it has some positive affect.