PakPixels (Promote you site/business)

Dear Sir/ Maam,

I wish to offer you Pakistan's First Pixel Advertising Website where you can buy space for advertising on per pixel bases.Its like an online ad page/yellow page where all the large and small industries can advertise their sites. Pixels are offered first come, first choice of space bases. Visit

There are 2 sections of this site. First Gold Pixels and Second Silver Pixels.

Gold Pixels cost Rs20/pixel

Silver Pixels cost Rs10/pixel


Create an account > click get pixels select the area on the grid where you wish to show you ad upload the image in PNG or GIF format it will be resized automatically.

Gold & Silver Pixels when bought will expire in 6 months.

Do you wish to link exchange with Pakistan's first pixel based advertising website there are free pixels available for link exchangers at the bottom.

I hope that you will find this site profitable.