Pakistani Social Networking Sites

So, I have been invited to join several Pakistani social networking websites and the chief of these is Hello by LINKdotNET. I have made a profile over there - and apparently it is set up on the same basis as Link Egypt's very famous (and localized) Hello portal which is in Arabic.

Thoughts, views, comments?

Huh? Hello? Egypt? Arabic? World Famous in Pakistan?

Sorry, I live under the rock of Himalayas and I have not idea what you are talking about :P

On the serious side, it's good but there are already so many social networks.

lol. Well, either it is living under the rock or a simple - lack of knowledge about it. ;P

There are and that's what I was talking about! This portal talks about 'localizing socializing' and in today's society, where everyone seems to be bent upon having a slice of the 'party scene', how much is this portal relevant?

knowledge is power