Pakistani Actor/model Meekal zulfikar to buy a house in Bombay!

pakistani Actor/model Meekal zulfikar, who debuted in abrar-ul-haq's "sano teray naal" song,has been featured in a bollywood movie "shoot at sight".The star plans to buy house in bombay.The other two stars Azfar and atif aslam too wants buy a house.The three of them have decided to stay in a big house because the lahoris have known each other for years.

Very old news.. I read this article during the Mumbai bombing days..

shoot at sight was a hollywood movie :s

in any case, good fer him. i thought muslims cant buy homes in bombay.

let him go because pakistan isn't the right place for buying homes or investing money

purani ho gai hai bhai yeh news to....