Pakistani 3D Game - SHERA JUTT



^ game looks good. But heard it was never released and will never release :(

If officially released then could be worth to play at least once.

However, if satan22o4 is right then maybe the makers thought that they have no market to sell enough legal copies of game to make good money and they might have dropped the project.

Piracy killed it before it was born! :(

well it was never released so how can piracy kill it? :)

the company that was making it stopped development after their main sponsor pulled out...

Why would an investor/sponsor pulled out?

We don't know exactly, but the main purpose of an investor/sponsor is to earn money. Just for example, if some investor/sponsor see that they might not be able to sell enough copies of game to earn reasonable profit then why would a sensible investor hinges with project?

Market for this kind of game is there but rest assure they won't be able to sell enough legal copies to even break even.

OMG!!!!!!! i will actually buy the original cd of the game if they ever release it.

i think we underestimate our market, plus we have huge expat community outside pakistan who will love to buy this game!

ps. how much money is needed to release this kind of game? i dont think it needs any advertising :D maula jutt the legend, the name is enough (naam hi kaafi hai as they say : )

^ Yaar everyone will here surely encourage the game. How about he will sell the original cd/dvd for rs 500. You know will happen. Next day every shop wala will get a copy from the main market will make its own copies on 10rs cd and will sell it for rs 40, Its a trend. Nobody buys original cd's here and im not talking about those people who get original cds. They are 1% 99% gamers prefer to buy pirated copies. If shopkeepers say "sir this is original so i will sell it for 500, He will never pay him and will go to the next cd shop and will get it for 40rs. And that is a fact.

The owner/leader of this game says they have spent millions on this game's development.

By taking satan22o4 price for Rs. 500 for each legal copy of this game. And assuming that makers had only spent 1 million rupees (highly low estimation, they have spent a lot more than that).

Rs. 1 million / Rs. 500 = 2000 copies

It means they need to sell 2,000 legal copies to just break even (no profit yet). They need to sell at least 10,000 legal copies to have reasonable gross profit.

Now just imagine they have spent around Rs. 5 million on development + marketing (and many other things). They are going to need sell 50,000 to 100,000 legal copies to get reasonable gross profit.

They need to sell at least 100,000 to 500,000 legal copies to get them ready to produce 2 to 3 similar or squeals for this game.

What do you guys think, can they even be able to sell 1,000 legal copies of this game in Pakistan? Maybe but not more than that.

Everybody will be selling and buying pirated copy of this game.

That's why I said earlier "Piracy killed it before it was born!" :(

Unless they can find a way to make it un-pirate-able! Some sort of activation system maybe. The only REAL way of generating sustained revenue is to make a system like World of Warcraft where people pay a small monthly subscription.

The trailer is frickin' hilarious. :D

I personally wouldn't play this game but kudos to the developers for their effort.

with a population of around 200 million (with cash rich elites and upper-middleclasses), and huge number of expats living in UK, US, Canada and Middileast, i dont think its impossible to sell 50,000 to 10,000 copies. you just need good strategy and intelligent marketing. as i said before we underestimate our market.

Sell your game BEFORE it is released to recover the invested money and then make profit AFTER the release of the game. first release the demo, make the demo avaiable online, create hype etc. Realise where your market is, goras wont be interested in this game then advertise it on pakistani website, forums, and communities like orkut/facebook, msn messengers etc where you can capture pakistani market. ofocourse they wont make huge profit but they will make some.

piracy is everywhere, though its open in pakistan, but in todays time a PC gamer anywhere in the world have access to fast internet and means to download almost ANY game, new or old, for free. how do these big game companies survive then..?

i dont go and watch movies in cinema but i made an exception for KKL. i know alot of people in pakistan and outside pakistan who did the same.

(and this is perhaps my longest post on wiredpakistan ever, wtf! Ha!)

I loved it ! It was great and I would buy it just to have it and show everyone !

How about have this game ONLY downloadable. You pay by credit card and you download the game. I know what you're thinking that they could simply download and copy the setup file to another computer but i think you can easily make checks which ensures that one setup file is only run on one computer right ?

Who will buy online? Your in karachi. Tell me how many people buy online stuff??? May be most of the wiredpak members do, but normal Pakistani. He don't have money to pay his electric city bill.

Even if we assume that this game were released and there was no ill effect of piracy on its sales, I still doubt it would be a profitable venture...

I think if a game studio in Pakistan wants to make profit its best for it to target a western audience...

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Who will buy online? Your in karachi. Tell me how many people buy online stuff??? May be most of the wiredpak members do, but normal Pakistani. He don’t have money to pay his electric city bill.

Thats the only way to fight piracy in my opinion. If you sell it on CD’s then there will be pirated CD’s out the next day.

Plus alot of people download games these days, I never buy CD’s i simply download whatever i want. I dont go out and buy Ms Office, I download it from torrents… You never know about pirated cd’s whether they’d work or if they wont.

This is crap, you better play gta than this!

Support Pakistani Games. Atleast let it come in the market. Piracy is another issue. There is enough market worldwide. I have heard EA(electronic Arts) have a software house here in Karachi. If we can make software for others, why cant we make it for ourself