Pakistan Vs. India Cyber Warfare


What do you guys think..Would it be an all out war from now on..?


Well the indians better be ready. Our guys are gud. Very gud. I mean they hacked the YouTube, didn't they?


there are already two threads on the same topic! this one is totally unnecessary!


I think it's that


Come on! No one will even remember this "war" by tomorrow. It's just a bunch of script kiddies with too much free time on their hands having some fun. Everyone will forget it when they get bored of this whole defacing thing.

BTW, good job OUR script kiddies retaliating against the kiddies across the border. :P


I guess the cyber war is a forgotten story in the wake of Mumbai attacks..


They will strike least when you suspect it.. infact they are copy cats and are just looking for something to justify their future actions.. so be on the lookout