Pakistan Geeks IRC Channel

As the last thread was closed due to the name of the thread by our intellectual mods. The purpose of this thread is to inform members that the channel exists on the same network but different channel. You can connect to us through or you can use the server details listed below:


Channel: #pakgeeks

The channel is for the pakistani geeks by the geeks not limited to any site of any kind.

yea very nice chanel

where people are kicked for giving their own opinion...

and whats the pupose of posting here..

now haris will even b more pissed at me...


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rofl muhahahahahahahaa

Please don’t spam or troll in my thread.

The previous thread was closed for a number of reasons. The matter is still under discussion. Further updates can be had from Mohsin whom I will be informing via email as soon as a decision is reached in this regard depending upon which the previous thread might be opened again.