Pakistan for Sale at Throw Away Prices


I just got this news got disappointed and frustrated. No wonder FRIENDS of Pakistan are helping on these conditions, by pushing Pakistan to lease or sell its assets on literary Throw Away Prices.

The website says,

"The financial benefits that might accrue from the Reko Diq site are overcoming these concerns. Rights to the nearby Saindak copper project, in the same district of Chagai, have already been sold to the Chinese on a 10-year lease.

Critics say that the government in Islamabad blundered by selling what may be the world's biggest untapped copper and gold deposits, worth over $100 billion, to foreign mining firms at a throwaway price, to the disservice of the people of the country's most backward province and economy."

Here is a complete link to the story

My watchful eye on copper and gold and learning of last 3 years has taught me, Copper and Gold prices will double in next 3 years due to global financial crisis.

I am a student in this field wondering what the big brains and advisers are doing in their offices in Pakistan who can;t see the future global demand and supply trends.

well have you considered the people in charage might have done their due diligence and decided that the deposites were not worth the expense of excavation?

for all we & *media* knows the deal with the chinese firm isnt as cut and dry as it might seem.

as long as it is in china's hand am not too worried honestly..

Asia Times is a known anti-Pakistan site.

Too sad.

First they made angry their true friens which were well known to everyone, i.e Saudia Arab

And now some western interest people are trying to make Pakistan away from China also. Railway Engines issues is also being blown to create distances between Pakistan and China.

Caution, Caution, Caution

Please don't look at your friends with such thoughts and fears, they have always helped this country when we were desperate and no one was helping us.

I'm wondering why BHP Billiton failed at getting anything substantial out of their exploration...I mean they had a license to explore since July 1993 (according to the article)...and why they didn't show any interest in keeping the project? Could it be the security situation or they concluded the estimates of reserves are not viable?

^You may visit:

This portraiys the whole scenario.

I daily read in news wolrds biggest Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan

then its just a news and few days later there is nothing nothing!!!

There is another big problem in my view, Why do we have to call outer machinery to explore and search! Is there no one in Pakistan eligible to search for these ores?This is the major problem! Ain't Pakistna advanced enough ot carry out it s own expeditions. We need to Advance in technology otherwise it will be like puppet show not only gov but also people. In past there were reports that some american companies came to pakistan and took detailed surveys ,there was a "treasure hunt" which was going to be the base for the free baluchistan. which American agencies show in the conflicted map

We don't need to worry until china is here!

What! why would CHina support Pakistan when there are acts aginst the Sacred Friendship. China support Pakistan on every forum but Pakistan also needs to reply same.There has also been continous attempts to break this friendship by "outer factors". As imran VU said caution!

The issue of engines was due to improper management of gov when a non-relevant minister was sent to china without any technical experts to make aggrement, how could he bring some tihng in our favour. Media has really exposed each and every thing.

And for the Big brains which are runnig this country, there are no gentle words to explain their condition. Thats why we are lossing friends and our foes are gathering under masks of "Friend of Pakistan"