Pakistan enters largest deal to export machinery!

KARACHI: A plant is being exported under an agreement worth $50 million -- the first largest in the history of Pakistan, Geo News reported Saturday.

Talking to Geo News, partner of Saudi al Kubra group, Majeed Pardesi said his Saudi partners were inclined on importing machinery from India; however, they preferred the import from Pakistan despite all the hurdles.

Pardesi said an upfront payment of $50 million has been made to Heavy Mechanical Complex in view of the prevalent situation in the country, adding the 80 percent work for the machinery export has been completed.

The other parts of the plant will soon be sent to Ethiopia, he added.

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this news should be a breaking news in cnn bbc nbc cbs and all the leading news channels really very big news for the whole world

Really big news

What that machine ("plant") will do?


the plant will probably be used to boil water on a really massive scale.

being a mechanical engineer i think myself to be quite familiar with the manufacturing / fabrication expertise achieved by the nation during the course of last 62 years of Pakistan.

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What that machine (“plant”) will do?

dont have good idea about that but i think its going to be a fertilizer manufacturing equipment or similar .