Pakistan Enemies

5 to 10 minutes ago, I saw a thread from a member named as 'leaf'. I think that thread was removed, due to language used in that thread.

For the people like 'leaf' I have a message from all the Pakistanis:

Dear beloved enemies come out of your fantasies as it will make you cry. Common sluts, if you have courage impose war on us.

There is an authentic hadees mubarak, dont pray for war, but when a war come, then never run away from the battle field.

Although we look divided and weak but you will be surprised to see the other angle of the picture. When we get united then noone can overcome us. Inshallah we will crush you and make you an example for others. We trust on Allah and always ask for his help. As in Quran Allah Pak says:

"If Allah is your helper none can overcome you, and if he withdraws his help from you, who is there who can help you? In Allah let beleivers put their faith."

Let me tell you one thing more, our faith is very much stronger then any sort of bullet, bomb or fighter jet.

Be prepare, warn you.

If other Pakistanis want to contribute and share their patriotism, it will be higly appreciated.

That was his (leaf) idea, first make us angry then make us do this kind of stupid thing (prepare for nonsense war that hasn't yet start on ground).

To the OP: Get a life and stay within the scope of topics that the forum rules define.