Pakistan and Australia Cricket Series, UAE

1st odi - pakistan won by 4(?) wickets.

2nd odi underway, pakistan won the toss and chose to bat first.

alot have been written and said about the youngster Ahmed Shehzad. am following him since he played the under 19 world cup, and the guy looks classy. started off well before salman Butt ran him out!

lets hope pakistan post a good total here. spinners will be key again!

and lets concentrate on discussing cricket rather than what ejaz butt is shopping..

Thanks for creating this post. All The Best to my team.........keep praying.........

Afridi is doing well for pakistan so for in the series

After posting a low total on the board, now all depends on the Pakistani bowlers if Pakistan is to win this second ODI against aussies.

Hoping for a good performance from the bowlers, especially from the spinners.

its a 40 over match if pakistan has to win this one. just keep rotating askhar, gul, afridi and ajmal. fielding is important, they have to held the catches come their way.

shoaib is charging in, generating some pace! good first over.

^ Is this a Live Commentary topic? :)

looks like we have lost the match?

^surely v r on a losing side :D


missed most of pakistan's bowling after first couple of overs, when i came back malik was bowling. i think the bowling combination were not right.

when aussies were 3 down and both clarke and symmonds were new to the crease, they should have put akhtar and either afridi or ajmal combination. instead i saw malik, rao iftikhar and akhtar bowling.

i think younis missed the boat slightly.

and someone needs to have a pep talk with salman butt :@ he needs to learn how to RUn between the wickets :@ :@

big scoring is not being done because of the moisture in the air?

^yaar the pitch is new, its slow and ball doesnt come on to the bat properly. so high scoring was not possible. though the way shoaib was hitting the ball in the end, he made proper batsmen from both the sides look silly lol!

I know! thats what I was saying....and I think, shoib does this once in a decade..........the same he did with the bat in the 99 world cup final, I wish if someone can recall....even at that time when no one felt like playing, he came for the team's rescue...

^i remember that! and he did that again too against england in 2003 world cup :P

salman butt played too slow. his strike rate was 50!!

Inzi n yusuf v r missing u :(