P4 3.2 HT Unbranded System for Sale

PC For Sale

1. Intel P4 3.2 Ghz HT 800 MHZ 512KB Socket 478 Processor

2. Intel Desktop Board D865GBF.

3. 1 GB DDR1 (512 X 512) 400 BUS Memory

4. 120 GB IDE Segate Hard Drive

System is in Excellent Condition

Price Rs.9,500/-

* Please Note that AGP Card and Fax modem are not part of the system Deal

Kindly message on = 0333-2253165

I am just interested in "1 GB DDR1 (512 X 512) 400 BUS Memory" How much for that?

Hi im interested in 120 GB IDE Segate Hard Drive..any bad sector or repaired ?whats ur demand for it

I m also interested only in DDR 1GB RAM if u r willing to sell it separately... and in case u do sell it separately, what is ur demand for it... also, which city r u from?

You can Sell It in parts , Maybe More profitable :)

btw , fone Nummber look like Karachi

Bro i prefer it to sell it out as a complete system in case i make up my mind selling it in parts i will let you people know.

Yes i am from Karachi

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