P3 for Sale

Unbranded P3 for Sale

- Intel® Pentium-3 600 MHz (512KB cache)

- Intel® Motherboard D810(Sound + VGA Built in) - Supoort for both socket and slot Processors

- Hard Drive 20GB

- Ram 256MB

- PCI USB card (2 ports)

- LAN Card 10/100

- LG CD Rom 52x

- Floppy Drive 1.44

- Tower Casing (Internal side of Casing is in excellent condition, exterior has infected with rust.)

PC is in perfect working condition.

Reason for sale: Bought a laptop.

Demand Rs.2500 (neg.)

Forgot to mention contact details.

Plz email me at raothegreat@gmail.com

raothegreat, plz post which city you are in.

is this raoHammadFarooq, btw? :)

Well, I belong to Karachi, and I m not Rao Hammad.

Too much price..

I have Pentium 3 for sale:

Intel® Celeron CPU running at 1.1Ghz

246Mb ram

graphics card is an 8mb Trident Video Accelerator Blade 3D/ProMedia

2 usb ports

hp dvd reader + writer 16x

floppy drive

you make and offer for the price...

Rs. 2,200/- (without monitor).

there will be no hard drive in it.

i just want to sell CPU.

there are two rams of 128 mb that makes a total of 256 MB.

i want to keep my mouse, key board, speakers and monitor.


celeron is not Pentium 3. Celeron wont be worth 100rs today

2,200 - (Rs, 1000/- for HDD) - (Rs. 250/- for Keyboard and Mouse) - (Rs. 250/- for reasonable speakers)

2,200 - 1,000 - 250 - 250

Rs. 700/-

Best offer, deal before I change my mind and the second idea I think would be to take out everything from casing and put coal in it and enjoy bar be cue made in computer casing.


Thanks Ammar, I didn't noticed it was Celeron (just look at Ghz because Celeron is history).

Sorry hun, offer withdrawn, you better enjoy bar be cue made in computer casing.

It's business nothing personal ~ cheers!

Gee guys ur too much....:)

being a gal, i was thinking of the bar bq as well but the fact remains it works good....good enough for those who dont do gaming n stuff.........anyway thanks for ur replies atleast now i wont think of departing from poor wee celeron and keep it for my generations to come, as a monument!

celeron isnt good enough for anything, believe me.

well that solely depends on usage...there was a time when everyone owned it then no one complained....its just that now we have different demands...but if the machine's still running, i guess its of use....im using the same pc...and doesnt suck at all...

^Agreed C82, it is definitely usable for:

1. Playing games like Hearts, Minesweeper, Reversi, Windows Pinball, etc.

2. Capable of running powerful software like Microsoft Word, Excel and not to mention Window's built-in Calculator (calc.exe).

3. Least not last, if in mood for picnic, take everything out, enjoy bar be cue and when stuffed, put everything back and enjoy Windows Pinball as long as you fell asleep watching Windows screen saver.

Cheers and all the best!

waisay I have recently sold the computer with same SPECS(hahaha) on 1500R.s....:|

DELETED. Please read the rules. Roman Urdu not allowed.

DELETED. Please read the rules. Roman Urdu not allowed.

Kindly tell , in which city this is available

Good job Moderator, you made me feel sick and pathetic for you after reading "deleted for Roman Urdu" -- I don't think it is a barrier to communication as long as it is serving an objective of "making another person to understand".

There might be many users who are not good in English and yet they have a problem to discuss or a great idea to share, I don't know what to call you at this moment, what an idiot you are, block me if you want because it is the best an idiot with authority could do.