Overclocking the memory!

is it possible to just overclock the memory and not the processor ?

actually my processor is of 1333 fsb E8400 and the memory is 800 fsb , what should i do to make the memory fsb higher ?

or is DDR2 available in 1333 mhz ??

yes it can be done if ur mobo supports it

my MSI mobo has option to set memory prefs..

like its bus speed , voltage , latencies etc etc...

upto which level we can overclock the memory ?

if we are using the asus p5kpL cm board .

(this board supports i think upto 1066 mhz overclock speed)

i want to know by doing this overclocking the board bus to SATA drives will also b increased ??

and may harm the drives ??

or what ?

everything depends upon ur mobo.......

check the mobo for more info..........