Overclocking/Overvoltage Failed! Help

I have purchased a new pc and I had some problems

The PC sometimes automatically turned off and I had to re-adjust the power wire and then it started working, Now, When I turned on the PC i got the error overclocking/overvoltage failed press f1 for setup or f2 for default values

I pressed f2 and it started working.

But I never overclocked anything, my gpu is msi md1g-oc/d2 and it's written on the gpu box shader oc ready.

Is this gpu already overclocked? Or is there something else?

Your CMOS was probably reset during the restarts/power failures. And the over clocking error on startup is for the CPU mostly, as most Asus and MSI motherboards use some default over clocking settings. So nothing to worry about if your board was one of these.


By resetting to default values, have I done correct?

that is because cuz p5gcmx doesnt support more than 1.3v of vcore

and the amount u r overclocking needs more vcore voltage which p5gcmx cant provide..


the reason is p5gc-mx sucks in overclocking...

i have used it but i was able to overclock my CPU only about 220mhz per core...

now with my new mothboard i have overclocked my core2duo CPU about 0.9GHZ

which mean 1.8GHZ of more computing power...

so just buy a good MSI or ASUS mobo b4 thinking of overclocking...

Can I overclock my gpu with p5gc-mx?

I have 9500gt

Do mobo affects gaming?

I heared p5gc-mx is not gud for gaming

lol dude

p5gc-mx is just for those people who wana do little gaming...

and use internet etc..

its not for good gammers..

for good gaming u need a higher board...

p5gc-mx is just a piece of crap only for bacha log...who dont wana do some thing special on PC...