Orient invertech series air conditioner


Another public Service announcement::

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How much powerful UPS would be required to run an AC

These are the AC electrical stats

Voltage 60Hz 115

Watts 1,380

Rated amps 12.0

Its a 14000BTU AC


an american or japanese 2000W ups..


Acson 1.5 ton inverter on apc 2000 watts with 4 batteries wet type. How long will such a setup run during load shedding

And what japanese brand ups is available in mkt

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Japanese was for armada requirement only.. we dont need japanese

Backup depends on battery size.. not ups type... larger battery, more backup.. wet batteries have less backup than dry batteries of same size..

you would require an APC 3000VA... a forum member Feras is using one with his inverter ac.. contact him for details.


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Thanx ThRiLLeR.so far i haven’t used it frequently.checked 2-3 times cools good.cant compare for now as i didnt use it for long duration.will post results after few days when temp will b in 40’s.Sent from my RAZR HD using Tapatalk

Thanks for the feedback bro.
Did u use it with your UPS?
Secondly what about torque issue? Can you please check that with ampere meter when switched on?

i checked reading with multimeter on wire that goes from ups to ac as it shows amp consumed by ac only always,the wire from wapda to ups give 0.70 more amps may be for ups running.Ok Gree 1 ton inverter has soft start too i think so bcoz it took 0.39 amps on start(reading from ups to ac wire) & 1.6 amps on start ( wapda to ups wire).if i run it on turbo at startup when ambient room temp is 34 it takes around 6 amps but when amb temp is near set temp after 30-40 minutes it takes 2.5 amps on tubro.minimum amps on cooling mode are around 1.5 so far i checked.
Guys please tell your thermostat settings(set temp,auto or cooling mode) & indoor fan speed settings(min,med,max or auto) for running ac before sleep.
another question is do most people run ceiling fan with ac?i see with ceiling fan ac takes long time to reach near set temp but once air in room becomes cool it feels good.

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Thanks alot bro for your checking with multimeter.

I really appreciate your efforts :)


You are welcome ThRiLLeR.actualy it helped me too learning to read amps.i am also very thankful to farhan_ds for his tips. Bay the way am i reading amps from right wires or there is any other more accurate way?

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Personally I also don't know correctly how to check AMPS on multimeter :P

Maybe some one professional here can help.


Any one have idea about Hitachi 1.5 tin inverter ac? Price is 110,000/-. Or sharp better. Any cheap Amp meter?

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Kindly guide me to run a 1 ton split ac on solar system

Which ac??

How mch hybrid UPS is needed.??

Which are efficient and economical.



Did u got my mesg

M new to this forum.