Orascom: An Israeli company?

So I was reading an article regarding Israel and found this neat little tid bit:

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The Orascom mobile carrier in Pakistan is also Israeli owned through Egypt and gets to spy on Pakistan, just like AMDOCS could spy on Americans as reported by Carl Cameron just after 9/11.

Can anyone verify if Orascom is owned by Israel? This has huge implications regarding Orascom/Mobilink/LDN being used for spying in Pakistan if this is true.

Comment all yo like but don't say yes or no unless you have definitive proof!

PS: If you want to read the entire article, email me. It was from a private mailing list.

i am afraid you will give it a start and all mail boxes will fill up with anti orascom messages in whole Pakistan .

Daily Star staff

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BEIRUT: Egypt's Orascom Telecom Company, which operates Lebanon's Alfa cellular network, on Saturday denied that it has any business ventures in Israel. In a statement to the press, the company said that it does not have a single share in any Israeli company nor operates any mobile network in this country. Some March 14 deputies accused Telecommunication Minister Jebran Bassil of signing a one year contract with a firm (Orascom) which has 10 percent stake in an Israeli telecom company. Founded in 1998, Orascom said it acquired 19.3 percent share in Honk Kong-based Hutchison telecommunication company. Hutchison operated in six countries, including Israel. But Orascom sold its entire shares in Hutchison in 2007. "We do not have any shares in Israel and I wish Lebanese politicians spare the company from the internal political bickering," the chairman of Orascom Naguib Sawaris said in the statement. - The Daily Star

SOURCE: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/article.asp?edition_id=1&categ_id=3&article_id=99402

I already read that tidbit. "Having business ventures in Israel" is not the same as "being owned by Israel". Take care about the wording in the OP:

"The Orascom mobile carrier in Pakistan is also Israeli owned through Egypt and gets to spy on Pakistan"

Owned through Egypt but no direct ownership...

I confirm it. One of my friend who is a Electrical Engineer in Mobilink and getting a salary of i think 150K+ has told me many times that Israelis has shares in Orascom Telecom

This has very serious implications for data security in Pakistan. Also, Orascom is a major telco player in Pakistan and it also provides a submarine cable link to UAE through TWA. Mobilink has a huge mobile subscribers share and LDN is also a major ISP.

This is the same as the concern expressed in media once when the only submarine cable coming to Pakistan was cut and there were proposals to provide alternative redundant connectivity through India.

Right Now We SHould Not Worry About These Spying Companies,the biggest spies are zardari and Musharaf etc

Keep this thread free from the wretched local politics.

This is very much possible since current Egypt regime has very close relations with Israel. Do you know who is the second largest recipient of military and economic aid from USA!? Yes it's Egypt after Israel so it is very much possible that Israel controls part of Orascom.

Yeah, that's what worries me. Nearly all major businessmen in Pakistan started using services of Mobilink and if any of them are/were involved with highly sensitive information, it could have been caught by Israeli intelligence. Moblink has the largest mobile users subscribers base. LDN is one of the major ISPs providing services nationwide. And then there is the Orascom owned TWA issue which provides bandwidth to many ISPs and is said to have far better networking equipment than that used by PIE.

It could be very risky for us. But how could we stop them? But Orascom Telecom Announces Offer for Sale of LINKdotNet .

The sale could be a corporate decision...Or diversifying their network. I haven't read up on the details regarding sale of LDN.

^ So after reading the posts do you want us to switch to other network. I mean I know some of the people in government and in army as I have a army back ground. All the government people mostly use Mobilink.

Just to add another information " Goverment officials use mobilink numbers because Goverment of pakistan has a contract with mobilink that they will provide all the ministers and other goverment officals a free credit and in the end goverment pays to mobilink"

Source: Personally know some of the ministers.

In my point of view If that is the case then I wonder out intelligence must have reports of it and its time for them to take some action.

Found this

Quoting from a thread on Pakistan Defence forum.

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The article 'Mobilink owner's links with Israel' by Khushnood Ali Khan

in Newspaper Jinnah dated 29th December (attached) discusses amazing

facts regarding Mobilink and its parent company Orascom.

Points discussed in the story are:

* Israel is using Muslim businessmen to get Pakistan's classified


* The Muslim world was surprised on the heavy investment in Israel

by Naguib Swaras the owner of Orascom who is an Egyptian trader.

* Naguib Swaras credits General Musharaf and Shaukat Aziz for his

success in Pakistan.

* Naguib Swaras investment in Pakistan is in telecom and other

sectors as well.

* IT parks will provide easy access to country's classified


* Mobilink is a part of Orascom Group.

* The development of Orascom assets to billions of dollars is

surprising for everyone.

* Swaras can do anything to make his company the largest mobile

operator on earth. Trade agreements with Israel are another effort to

fulfill this desire.

* Naguib Swaras started a mobile company in Iraq and after some

time Israel destroyed the Iraqi nuclear program after accessing all


* Mobilink disclosed classified conversation between Muharaf and

Benazir Bhutto.

* Intelligence agencies in Israel and India have access to mobile

conversations of 20 million people.

* Mobilink has issued the largest number of illegal mobile phone

SIMs in Pakistan.

* The terrorist network is operating in Pakistan through illegal

mobile connections.


Yar ISI waley So naheen rahey hein. They would have destroyed Mobilink by now if they were stealing our data. Actually they would have destroyed Orascom telecom.. I don't think it is something to be alarmed about.. However we should be wary of MOTOROLA which is the fifth largest defence contractor in US. And a lot of the parts used in Motorola cell phones are made in Israel..

^ Sure they are not sleeping. IMO every country has there weak points. May be Orascom giving all there money and bribing politicians !!! and may be... Don't know I just hate MOBILINK.

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^ Sure they are not sleeping. IMO every country has there weak points. May be Orascom giving all there money and bribing politicians !!! and may be… Don’t know I just hate MOBILINK.

Hate Mobilink alright,but ISI is really ruthless (rightly so)in such matters. They would have destroyed the company for sure. Its not a big deal for them…

^ Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

^hug ur freinds but cut ur enemy's throat

^ Love your enemies and use there Ladies first package while they are spying on you ;)

Be good with your enemies and convert them into your friends.