Opera Mini 4.2 available


Opera Mini 4.2 available. Here is the story http://www.zenblog.co.cc/?p=51


i guess we can get better story here



oh yes


Promoting zens blog??? Well im using opera mini when its first version was availabble. By the way i like tha hacked version of opera mini. its really kool. try it if ur unaware of that. Its opera-mini.ru. In russion just use the google translator.


^What is The Difference?


Hmmmm difrence. well use it you will see the difrence. way better then the official version.


use official version


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^What is The Difference?

I am using unofficial Opera Mini 1.27 version. Still, unofficial version is better than 4.2 official version.

With 1.27 modified version, you can create OM skin (with every possible color), save as a skin (.col) file (less than 1KB size) on card, import other skin files, import/ export bookmarks as (.htm) file. I have saved 196 bookmarks in Opera Mini 1.27 with many sub folders (and every sub-folder has more sub-folders) and exported these bookmarks as htm file (34KB size only) to memory card.

With 1.27 modified version, you can play sound (.amr) files, read text (.txt) files, view JPG images (fullscreen) directly from memory card, delete single entry from history, open multiple web pages/ supported files using tabs (as in PC browsers), select any link and open in new tab etc. I had successfully loaded 10 web pages simultaneously in 10 tabs and browser speed was still OK.

All above things are IMPOSSIBLE in official 4.2 version but there are some features which are absent in 1.27 version like better video streaming (from sites like YouTube), zoom feature, PC-like browsing, syncronize bookmarks/ notes from PC browsers etc.

With 1.27 modified version, you can save web pages in every folder of internal/ external memory of mobile while 4.2 official version can save web pages in ONE folder only which is a major disadvantage!

Both versions have some advantages/ disadvantages but 4.2 version has more disadvantages. I have uninstalled 4.2 version from my Samsung E200 and now I am using 1.27 modified version only.

Read full features of 1.27 unofficial version from here:



4.2 wont install on my Samsung D900i. I am stuck with 4. Also i removed the gmail app to imstall a new version, and now the new version wont install. dunno was the prblm


I didn't find any difference between 4.1 and 4.2

It's just you can change skin or stream videos


Minor changes.

I couldn't stream videos on my K790i and version 4.2. What exactly are you supposed to do when you want to stream videos? :S


I think Video streaming is not available on most of the old phones as operamini.com says:

"We are working to make video content available on more phones through Opera Mini. If you have a new Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone, the chance is high that you can take Opera Mini for a spin on m.youtube.com."