ONU number series in Rawalpindi/Islamabad?

What's the ONU PTCL number series in Rawalpindi/Islamabad? or in other words, how do you figure just from the telephone number of Rawalpindi/Islamabad if its ONU or not.


i think it starts with 26xxxx

I have ONU in Islamabad and my number starts with 22.

I think 21, 22, 23 are the ONU numbers chains for Islamabad. This information is 9 months old, so I do not know whether they have made changes to it or not.

I just got an ONU number yesterday and it starts with a 22

So a number starting with 5 isn't ONU?

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So a number starting with 5 isn’t ONU?

No. Different exchanges have different series for ONU. Mine starts with 549 - this is one of the series they have for ONU.