ONU line..Do you guys think I need it?

Would it improve pings? Here is the result of speed test..


ONU is much better.not just dsl,ur phone line experiece will be more better.plus u wont have complaints of dsl or phone line

thats what i experienced in 2 years of using ONU line.

isnt ur ping good already :s why do u need to improve it beyond this

Well,for gaming no one minds a lower ping..

How do I get it without changing my phone number? Should I talk to my exchange people or line man first? I don't want to change my phone number. Helpline tell me its impossible to convert to ONU without changing one's phone number..

Tru.. in that case you should definitely go for a ONU line, it will give you better pings

I m recewntly converted to ONU

the only 1 problem in ONU is the patching of ur number

DSL will be working gr8 but iptv has 1 problem of picture jerking.

How can i get ONU line? Whom should i call? My phone line quality is exxxxxxxtremely poor, and i can't experience DSL as i should be after paying so high a price. Tell me the whole procedure please.. & cost too. :)

For conversion of Copper to ONU: You have to write an application and make visit(s) to your exchange. Mind you, the number must & will be changed!

My exchange is very "VVIP"; the staff there doesn't want to work. So the only option I had was to apply for a new connection.

So in my case or opinion; it's better to apply for a new connection (downside: you have to pay the cost for a new connection; pro: faster processing!). When applying ask the operator about ONU (The reply I got was, We can't do it from here, tell this in your exchange).

Anyways; you have to tell in exchange that application number 1234567890 must be installed on ONU.

They will do that if some ONU pole/cabinet is nearby your location.

Signs you are on ONU:

1- They will install from a different pole.

2- You will get a different series of number; e.g. if your present number starts with say 663, then your new number will start from something different like 664..

Mind you; they will run a copper cable from the pole to your location. Don't except fibers running in your home :P

The quality of service will be better; I had the same problem as you. All nearby Copper poles in my street are about to die and can't support DSL. So, I went to ONU & it's been a fine experience.

The only downside is that; copper numbers get upgraded to new packages first :P

EDIT: Price? I think the price is 700PKR for new phone connection. (I dont remember exactly)..

I think.. I got 50PKR extra for ONU; but I don't remember!

All I wanted was some stable line on which DSL can work; 100-500 doesn't matter :P

Definitely doesn't matter,,, if the quality of line and dsl speed improves.. what can be better thing than that... But this changing number does not sound good... My mom would be quite against that, If i get ONU on the same number,,,(i won't mind if it takes a bit long) would the line quality would be less finer as it would have been on a new number... tell me...

Quality of Line = Improves

DSL = Stable

Number = WILL CHANGE, you have no other option! (As far as I know)

Possible downsides:

1- Your number will change.

2- Smart TV might not work on ONU. (They tell you this on Helpline, but a few exchange guys I inquired said masla kya hai, chal jae ga).

3- Only PTCL DSL will work on ONU. (Someone should correct me; if I am wrong)


4- (How can I forget this?) Some money to give to Lineman, Exchange Staff & the official installation charges (if you apply for a new connection).

No way... i am not coming back to PTCL broadband... I want maxcom on ONU.

PLease tell me this is possible MAX+ONU... pLease...

all hopes shattered :{

I read on this forum that it is not possible. No personal experience (I only have PTCL DSL in my exchange :P).

Maybe my information has been outdated.

Someone else can help you in this regard.

PTCL doesn't allows anyone else to provide DSL services on its ONU infrastructure. They are bloody incompetent with ONU.

There was an issue with an ONU connection and they weren't able to resolve it for three months before I ditched them and opted for Nayatel.


Good you did that.. i did the same thing to them when they started to treat my like a ghost which they can't see... So maxcom on the same rotten, withered and saggind copper wires... Life's a misery....

If MAX+ONU is possible. it can definitely work wonders.... i have a static Ip and if i get a good line I can get 100% out of my connectiion( presently i get about 80-87% approx. on a horrible line).

I hope owais your info is out-dated... coz that leaves me with a ray of hope!

No ray of hope; Asad is right! :)

By the way; have you tried changing your line? Poles? etc, etc.. the stuff which a lineman does?? (Maxcom should do it for you?)

The lineman does nothing.... I asked him 7 months back why my line quality is poor and if he can/should do anything to improve it he said plainly that DSL can't work because there is problem in Maxcom's exchange... Maxcom blames the ptcl that unless the dp is changed the problem will persist and the ptcl exchange is not providing a new dp.... what should i do.. i have waited a year, i am a busy student so i can't give alot of time to these problems also bcoz they are time consuming too.. but now since i need this for my studies ,, i can't ignore it and need to find a way to solve it anyway..

How can i get my line, pole changed.. the line man is good for nothing..i often see him tightening the wires that are like a mess tangled with one another... Tell me how can i get this worthless person to get on my problem and solve it??

I m really worried.. help me!

Simple, Money!! :)

First; Ask him to change your line from pole to home; change the connector of your line in DP. It should help.

If you are really good at bribing skills; then lineman can even change your pole to another one; if it's nearby (I did that); and then comes the cabinet and the "pairs" in exchange (when they change pairs, your phone goes dead for about 30mins)!

But I suggest first you get a new one piece of joint-less shinny new copper line from pole to your home; and ask him to change the connector. Then proceed towards the changing of poles, pairs, etc.

I am a student myself; I had to go through this pain last year when my Copper connection went completely dead (it worked great but only for 12 days). I did everything from poles to cabinet to exchange. But at the end I came to know that the whole setup for my street is dead; so I moved to ONU and PTCL DSL (which is the only option for me in DSL)!

Ask your brother, or abba jee or some really sincere friend if he has sometime to do this 'khwari' for you :) It's worth a try!

PS: Maxcom should do it for you.. I thought the major advantage of non-PTCL DSL was I wouldnt have to bribe my lineman! :)

EDIT: By the way, how much khar khar is in your line?

I think it would be better to deliver your 'technical terms & procedures' to a maxcom guy who looks more skilled than that ptcl lineman. Thank you very much!

Frankly speaking there is no audible khar khar! ... but the problem is in my line and the net doesn't connect unless i engage my phone line.

Does ptcl offer static ip for an extra annual charge??? If they can provide a dedicated connection i will switch otherwise no way!