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Well i have read about a couple of negative reviews about Symbios, So decided to go with MNM, their online/call support seems good. Lets hope this remains same with goods delivery.


Ordered it on 19 and got the package on May 21, and i am pretty much satisfied with their service. anyone has experience with them?

Checkout the following websites




There is a new e-commerce solution in market these days, and its gaining popularity among the online businesses in Pakistan. These guys are offering a ready to use online stores, you just have to signup over there, select your favourite website theme, add your products and start selling. I found many good and different features in their stores.

Good news is that the pricing structure is very cheap, so any business or individual can afford it. Great job these guys are doing for technology advancement in Pakistan. Good luck to them

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Ordered it on 19 and got the package on May 21, and i am pretty much satisfied with their service.


Sorry it’s off topic but please tell which tablet you bought & how is it performing, thanks

A new website :)

Try this as well

shopper and olx is the best site online shopping...

People don't buy anything from I got Xperia arc S from them... It worked for 2 weeks and that's it... they are just doing fraud. their things are not in working condition. they just work for 2-3 weeks and then they shut down... I have wasted a lot of money guys so be ware

Flightravel Gear for Pilot Shop and Aviation Classifieds

I would like to add the following website for all those hobbyists wanting to buld, create and invent, and having not the ease of getting hold of components.

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are they safe if i buy products online

Shop Online in Pakistan for all kind of things…

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in my good list two websites are best to sell and buy new and used stuff at number 1 is Olx that is an old website and well known by everyone and number 2 is Asan classifieds its bit new but fastest growing and becoming popular day by day

The best website of Pakistan online shopping is Because they sale smartphones at nominated price as compare to market. Now, I am waiting for Samsung Galaxy A80 online in Pakistan.

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Today I have joined this Forum Because I have to develop A Website related to Shopping and I decided to share with all of you my website that becomes Pakistan Biggest Online information provider that is here is the reason to sharing the site all of you, Share with me suggestion help to grow in Pakistan, If you found anything wrong in my site please let me now.

Thank you so much.