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new url link down in my new post


m8 non of above link works


He just copy/pasted it from the body. Links are truncated on a lot of sites. You should always use your right mouse button and click on Copy Shortcut.


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1) I Bought this USB flash Drive .Please tell me price is ok. … 6820220252

2:Bluetooth adapter :Because most of bluetooth adapter don’t work on OS Vista(Laptop) i used 2 of them 1 works on vista other not…but the fist one give so much error and some times it reboots my OS … 6833340002 find best and bought it

3:)Linksys Wrt54GL … 6833124190

Two years back KO told me about this site. Best price on this site


what kind of delivery charges and custom duties you would be charged when it’ll be delivered to you


does newegg, deliver to Pakistan ??


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does newegg, deliver to Pakistan ??

every one would be willing to deliver as long as you are willing to pay the exorbitant delivery charges


I think Newegg is limited to US only.


thats what I have been told also, that NewEgg is Limited to US only, by their support. confirm it before ordering.


Yeah Its only limited to USA. I charged my C.C and one of my friend is comming from USA he will bring all my stuffs to Karachi (pakistan)