Online money making

i want to know any website for learning html webdesigning etc,i want to make a website for myslef which genrates some amount for me to pay my dsl bills.or any otherweb site for earning money online plz do not reffer to scam or fake web sites i shall be thankful to all of my seniors to guide me about this

Go read the tutorials on w3c.

is you want to make a ASP.NET site

dear freinds as i am to web designing and have not much knowledge about softwares used first of all i want to know about html learning than the point comes for hosting and domain regestration,i know about websites like which we used to buld website but they are not as good as i want

If you do not know HTML coding or script installing. You can still design you own website. I know a free hosting where you can develop your site by drag and drop method, means this hosting is for very newcomers and its free. The surprising thing is that it is banner free, pop-up or pop-under free and ads free. You can apply any type of ads here(e.g. Google adsense)

I also do not know much of HTML but I develop sites from this easy and ads free hosting.