Online backups


Does anyone here use any online backup solution? There are several providers like Carbonite and Mozy who are offering unlimited online (encrypted) backups for around $5 a month. Mozy has a free service as well that gives 2GB space. There are others like IDrive etc. but I'm using Mozy because their backup client is very easy to use.

Online backup didn't really become an option until I got a stable 512k upload speed, and I guess that's the minimum requirement for this kind of stuff! I've got around 350MB on there encrypted with 448-bit Blowfish.

I've been backing up my very essential data to Mozy. I haven't had a disaster so far (thank God!), but I did need to restore a single file from the backup online that I had deleted from my computer and it was pretty straightforward. There's a backup client and you can also integrate it with the system shell (right click, etc.)

If you'd like to use them, there's a referral program going on these days that will get me and the person who uses my referral an extra 512MB of free storage at Mozy. Here's my referral link. Note that you have to actually do a backup for the extra storage to be accredited.

So does anybody use online backups? Any horror stories to share?


most ppl in pakistan will not use online back up services due to either slow upload speed or capped connections

in my case both the scenarios apply, but to backup stuff i do have a NAS


Ruhaan is right. Slow speeds are what impair the prospects of online backing up of data.

It's far easier, cheaper and quicker to just get a new HDD and put it in RAID or as a separate backup volume.


External HDD's are cheap & convenient for backups.


How much would a RAID or independent NAS setup cost? Would getting a regular HD and putting it in some sort of a network-enabled shell work?


500mb wd mybook world edition is selling on beliscity for around 15k. The world edition thingy has ethernet connectivity so its sort of NAS device but no redundancy (raid).

I just finished building a home server with 2x500GB drives configured for software raid1 for around 32K. I plan to add a third 500gb drive some time later and reconfigure the setup for raid5.