One time use Visa/ credit card numbers?

i need some website which supports this service of giving their customers the option of one time use credit card numbers aka disposable credit card numbers........

^where did you get that card? :rolleyes: or just want have some information?

not supported yet in Pakistan or many other countries. Still not implemented fully yet.

yar actually some websites like paypal allow you to hide your privacy online while shopping

so they give u disposable credit card number for shopping

it is only one time usable credit card number

thus if it gets stollen there is no wory

oops that was good indeed.

I didn't know actually about paypal that they give their own numbers to deal with hiding the original ones.

any ways.

but what I thougt about your post is. that is gonna be implemented soon with real Credit Cards. with a digitized display in it showing the number with a memory and an algorithm as well. that will do change your number randomly and that will be, to be used only one time. I just could not get a link for the detailed article again but.. the following URL is about RSA SecurID(already implemented in many Countries).

the Credit Cards are about be like that for more security the same idea and on the same technology.and we'll have that thing in our cards.

It is a device physically almost equal to your Key Chain that you could keep it always with you just like your Credit Cards. it has a display of SecurID. and it changes every 60 seconds. just works as Credit Cards do like your Credit Cards and Merchants Sales Points. you use your SecurID along with your PIN at merchant's place where you shop some thing and right after that your SecurID gets Changed. and it is also used for your personal softwares and windows to get authenticated..

in newer versions it is also embedded with USB connector just like a USB Flash Drive that is used just like a smart card,

To read about it you should thoroughly visit above link