One Laptop Per Child unveils first prototype of XO 2.0


Just when it looked like OLPC was finally getting at least one foot firmly grounded in reality with the upcoming Windows XP version of its low-priced XO, Nick Neg takes things back into the stratosphere with the unveiling of the XO 2.0. Due in 2010, the new laptop will employ dual sunlight-readable touchscreen displays in a smaller, folding e-book form factor. Sure, it looks totally amazing, but we'll believe it when we see it. As if that weren't ambitious enough, Nick calls a $20 pricepoint per display not out of the question, thanks to the ubiquity of LCD screens for DVD players, with a final laptop price of $75. Sure Nick, but 2010? Let's work on getting the XO down to $100 first, shall we? Oh, and speaking of the XO, the Give 1 Get 1 program will be started back up in August or September of this year. There's just never a dull moment with these folks.

for more pics and a video see this link:

this thing sure looks amazing :o

As I've already said before, I completely fail to see what difference a laptop in a child's hand would make where people don't have the very basic necessities of life such as food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, even public transportation.

Sure it could be used to educate, entertain and what not. But thats the POTENTIAL uses of this device. The ground realities are that in third world countries such as Pakistan, children of poor families are put to work to make ends meet. I've seen 5-10 yr olds selling flowers on sea-view and around The Point. The moment these children get this device in their hands, it'll be snatched from them and sold for parts for quick cash. I can already see these devices being traded on the black market and millions of dollars allocated to fund this project vanishing in the corrupt hands of governmental departments.

I'm all for out of the box solutions to solve todays problems, but we should also be practical and take into account ground realities. This project I'm afraid, is doomed to fail before it is even fully launched.

i am admiring the device not the project :D

they can always give those laptops to the students in private schools if we are talking about Pk here

i know that the initiative will be lost but who cares its pakistan dude

Saad in this case the purpose is more important than how pretty the device looks. There are a lot of flashy gadgets out there if thats what you're going for! :)

looks beautiful.

Let's see if its fate will be any different than the OLPC's *first version*

Majority of Pakistanis need ROOTI KAPRA AUR MAKAN, so, what purpose of such good looking small PC.