Oil (fuel) prices reduced! (At least for a while)

Following the suspension of carbon tax on petroleum products, now the new price of petrol stands at Rs. 50.53 per liter, Diesel Rs. 53.37, Light Diesel Rs. 51. 46, Kerosene oil Rs. 52.39 while HOBC stands at 62.54 per liter.

Source: http://geo.tv/7-8-2009/45553.htm

Yayyyy!! I wish these prices could last long. Although, i am sure the corrupt leadership is already working on bringing new tax, new super sur-charge to earn more money instead of working their ass off to attract FDI and to build other means of big income.

The nation salutes Mr. Chief Justice for taking this decision!

WOW Great .....

Mr. Chief Justice Zindabad ........

Wise decision from Supreme Court.

This government is bundle of liars. Imposing Carbon Tax and using it for tackling with the budget deficit. They give example of UK where Carbon Tax is imposed but have they ever think about the facilities provided by those countries e.g electric trains, buses, pensions, incentives to their people, free and good quality education, opportunities to higher education, entertainment facilities, sports facilities, health facilities etc.

The government wants to reduce the budget deficit from people’s pocket. Mr. Zardar says that the international community is helping us, whereas his subordinates likes Dr. Asim denies this and he says:

"From 2001 to 2005 Saudi Arab gave a lot of free oil but now they have imposed more tariffs due to which we are getting more expensive oil."

Then who is responsible? My dear government you are responsible because you lack in diplomacy and you are unable to establish others faith on this country, just like you are unable to establish nations confidence on your pathetic policies.

Dictator was having a good diplomacy compared to such deprived democrats.

On each commodity we are giving tax. This nation can not give you more taxes as you people are gulping our money.

Ask your boss Mr. Obama to give you more $ for tackling with budget deficit and for fighting America's war against terrorism and extremism.

Please pardon us, we can't bare more burden. Nation is crying by electing such dumb people.

Phew. Glad to hear the news.

The petrol is being sold at old prices in Jhelum despite governments’ announcement to cut petroleum product prices.

Ahh, good news. :)

I am glad to hear that. Atlast a little relief for people crushed by gov.

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Please pardon us, we can’t bare more burden. Nation is crying by electing such dumb people.

Our nation deserved a leader like ZARDARI when they lack the brains to kick a leader like Mush and replace him by the likes of Bhuttos/Zardaries and Shareefs! We can ONLY blame ourselves. We knew this would happen, and we still went ahead and voted for these !@#$%^&*! Welcome to Pakistan the land of 400% increase in corruption :)

Does anyone know what qualifications each govt official has in each Depts? Including that of our very own President?

If you know the answer then of course you will face stupid taxes such as this!!

What an obscure and oblivious world we live in.


Yes we know, don't remind us, as there are plenty of others that remind us in our daily lives.

^ You're wrong. Previous evil eh. Can you tell me what "evil" thing the last "evil" did?

You're just ignorant of the conditions of pakistan, they are getting worse & worse everyday.

In "the previous evil's" time, the conditions were a LOT better. Use your brain & compare the old times with the current time.

Number of positives that do exist along side the negatives:

The reduction of petrol by Judges

Fight against the Taliban

Despite job cuts in IT industry, more companies are springing up

We are not the only country with Economic crisis

Unbiased news channels (Dawn news)

More live streaming online by local channels

Drone Tech

New war tech


City police (Volunteers)

More Highway projects (Not major, but minor Around Maripur area)

ECIL paying to the victims of the Sher Shah bridge


Keep politics out of the discussion.

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^ You’re wrong. Previous evil eh. Can you tell me what “evil” thing the last “evil” did?

Ah! forum rules buddy, forum rules… There’s ALOT i want to say… lol but anway…

HIghly Honrable !@#$%^& again increased the Price........ ****************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

What a moth** f***er!

Get some milkshake of mangoes! lets arrange some mango party! oil prices agian up! :o