NVidia pulling out of Mobo business!


Source: http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/news/2008/07/31/nvidia-790i-board-pulled-makers

"..... Now comes word that their high-end desktop mobo, famous for rumored data corruption problems, is being silently killed. The three companies mentioned above have pulled the boards from their product pages without so much as a footnote. The pages for Foxconn and Gigabyte look like this, note the lack of high end NV parts.

It is pretty clear, chipsets since the extremely marginal 680i are gone without explanation. Asus still has them listed, and for sale, as do EVGA and XFX, but the rest seem to be gone. Newegg and other sites which we quickly checked back it up, the boards are gone from most vendors' inventories.

This brings into question Nvidia's official statement about its problems being confined to a few laptop parts. We know it is a line of bull, but they persist in saying it anyway, go figure. One maker pulling it silently is an oddity, most of them is a big problem.

In any case, most mobo makers pulling finished and released designs is basically the death knell for a part. If you really want one, grab one now, because they won't be around for much longer.

Just don't expect it to have a long life."

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i hope they die...freakin THIRD CLASS BOARDS....


^ WTH are u talkin abt?


^^ probably a frustrated customer who's had a bad time with their MoBos :P



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i hope they die…freakin THIRD CLASS BOARDS…

burn in hell man…


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burn in hell man…