Nvidia 8600GTS

i got a used NV 8600GTS 256mb DDR3. but the Card is Running only on AMD Socket Mobo's.

its not Giving Display on Intel SocKet Motherboard.

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any idea about problem ?

kindly give sum details ..can you see it in system-> hardware->device manager??

I think you have to disable built-on vga.

do everyyyyyyyyyyyyythingg..... nothings work :( .

My Card is Dead :( :(

^if its dead how its workin wit amd mobo??

Seems like there is something wrong with your Intel Motherboard.

Intel Board is Fine ;) . Card is Dead im 100% sure :) .

its not working on any board nOw :/.

where did you get the card from ,if it is under checking warranty return it,

there are various juggars you can do with a dead card to make it work again ,,research on the internet, (and do it at your own risk please)

Various JugaarS :o .

can please Explain it a little .. :)