Nvidia 8600gt sucks :-(

9600GT is a good card...you can find a comparison of it with some 8xxx series cards in this review:


but since ATI's 4850 and 4870 release nVidia cards just don't look as attractive anymore...

huh.....tired of palyin games on 8600gt so i m planning to buy 9600gso 384mb 192bits ddr3........how is that????one more problem it requires pCI-E 2.0 I do have PCI E but how do i knw it is PCI E or PCI E 2.0????

my board model is MSIP4M900M2-L..........help me guys

i dont think so. at ?*1024 resolution, 2AA and Medium settings, i got 16-20 FPS which is quite satisfactory. download latest drivers from


i have vista ultimate (direct x 10)