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[removed due to virus/trojan]

Beware guys! The ip_confirm.exe file, which asks you to download and execute at the end of sign-up process, is picked by McAfee as Generic.ff.

It is most possibly spyware/malware. or could be worse. It also creates a file nvsyst32.exe in system32 folder which autoruns at system startup. God knows what it is for because there is no mention of it on the

i don,t cares about it i only thinks

We can make free website with it and after it if you think its a virus we will remove the virus from our computer but i have scanned my computer and found no virus or any kind of threat,

Only u thinks its a virus.

was that a referal and you forgot to add the referal link? if yes then 000webhost referal program is scam but the hosting itself is good!

@SupMA5TER its not necessary that they themselves are spreading it maybe it has been compromised