Not detecting CD-ROM?

My computer is not detecting CD-ROM.However when my computer starts the light of CD-ROM starts blinking but then in WINDOW EXPLORER there is no drive for that!!!??

What could be the problem???

did you connect the PATA cable?

^yes it is connected..thats why it sttarts blinking when the computer is reboot!!!

oops..someone had in the bios SECONDARY DRIVE NONE..

I switched AUTO and the problem solved!!!!

my next question was going to be whether you had connected the PATA cable to the motherboard :P

^still thanks for concern:|

My pc has a problem that in bios i cannot change the values, means it does not give the option to change. what should i do to change power management options or any other in bios?

^upgrade bios version if any new is present and then try!!!

The reflected light strikes a light-detecting photodiode that converts the ...

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