Noob here,need urgent help required

hi,i am currently using i received my ptcl bill.i am using phoneNnet 200 package.

i am charged 200 every month for pNn package.There were other charges on my bill too.

Other ISPs Charges:2200

Now i want to know what these charges mean.Are these charges for each time i connect to internet through dial up.

How much does bradband is going to cost me?

1199 or are there any kind of extra connectivity costs/charges.When i start my pc i will be automatically on broadband?



they ve done mistake they ve charged boradband charges on u go contact them

I think now ptcl are charging phone n net at the rate of 2 rupees after every 20 minutes and u acn also call at 1236 for help

GO for student package it will cost you Rs. 839/Month.

When i start my pc i will be automatically on broadband?

You will have to switch on your modem only to connect.

AFAIK LinkDotNet leaves another Rs.105/month if you have your own DSL Modem which costs around 1-2K rupees. So if you get a student package with your own modem it will be Rs.735/month.