Nokia n73

iam havin nokia n73 so today i downloaded nokia software updater for it and than i connected ma phone to it and than it started the latest firmware to my phone suddenly in the middle of downloading it stopped and now my phone is off and not getting on now i hav checked it with other battery but when i connect it to my laptop via nokia cabel than it shows that unrecognized so some body plzz help me out i hav also checked google but nuthin helped me out

Contact Nokia Customer services Center.

was the battery low when it was updating the firmware of your phone??

brick :rolleyes:

no battry was full and even i checked it with other battery still no response.....

^did you disconnect the phone from the computer. when you noticed, it is turned off

if so then you need to Nokia Customer Center as Asad said. but no gaurantee they might help.

no i left it and went out but my room was locked so no body would hav touched it and when i came bak i saw error on my laptop screen and later i noticed that phone is off that i connected charger cable but it didnt worked and shall i go to local mobile shops or sum one else olzz advise

contact Nokia Care Line.

call. 1111-NOKIA(66542).

tell them in detail.

if its not working with a different battery aswell then its bad news mate. how much warranty is left?

yaar you dont have to go anywhere. I f you are good with flashing. Try searching for a "nokia n73 flasher" then download the latest firmware on 4shared. Its kinda tough for beginners. I will recommend you to go to nokia care centre near baloch colony sharae faisal, if you are in karachi. And for God sake stop charging your phone. it will flash your erom and your mobile will become dead. Your firmware is damaged. Nokia will charge you around 300 for new firmware or may be 500.

why nokia care centre. what can they do that someone at karachi mobile market cant do? nokia ppl will charge him unnecessarily i think.

Well he can get flashed from sadar, But i don't trust saddar people. They don't take any gaurantee and some time make your set useless. If he gets some reliable person the he should but I prefer nokia care center. Else its his choice whether he go to Nokia call center or just throw his cell ;)

use nemesis sevice suite to copy a healthy n73 whole to your n73

btw u have bricked ur phone........

actually i updated my phone many times but never happened any such thing...

the most delicate stage is when it is installing the firmware not downloading...

but once i also got panga while it was installing the firmware it was at 70% and lite went off

but the phone worked

when lite came i reinstalled and working fine til now.....

Dude do check out Nokia's franchise @ Shahra-e-Faisal near Baloch Flyover. May be they can help you better.

well today i hav takken to several mobile repair shop but it didnt worked man and can anybody tell me that is there any nokia service center in peshawar plzz advice plzzz

First of all how much time did you soent before removing the cable from the phone?

i had nokia N73 and i remember that how horrible it was updating my phone. it also stucked during the update but i still did't unplugged the phone and after an hour or so the phone restarted and the update was complete. IF you made this mistake than only nokia can repair the phone now.

so where shall i take it to plzz advise

is there any place in lahore where i shall take it plz advise

The only Nokia CS center in existence, IIRC, is in Karachi. You will have to contact them and ship your phone to them.

do u hav there number bro