Nokia N73 for sale in Khi


Hi guies ,

I am selling my Nokia N73 with complete box

Items Include

* Set

* Original Casing ( one on the phone is duplicate )

* Charger

* Manuals and Cds

* Cable

* Orignal Handsfree

* Strap

* Box

* Memory Card of 1GB

Attach are the pictures for reference

Warranty got expired a few months back. Set has never been opened nor given any trouble.

Reason of selling. Bored of it now.

Want to use another

All of this at Rupees 14,800

Intrested Ppl can give their bids . Or call me 0333-2258005


offers are welcomed


I would say 10k because I'll need to upgrade it to N73ME.

By the way, does both cameras work? Is the back-side slider loose or perfect?

Can you courier it to Rawalpindi?

Looking forward for your reply.

Fe-Aman Allah


sorry brother. got an offer of 14k. so find someone who needs to sell its desperately


well with courier at 14k for u . simple as that.


condition is great. check properly on the package content . the casing is fake. all the items are not loose at all.


now making it 13500. if anyone is intrested.


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sorry brother. got an offer of 14k. so find someone who needs to sell its desperately

First you say you have the above offer…


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now making it 13500. if anyone is intrested

Now care to tell us if you really can sell it for 10,000 to wampyr.


loook the guy was not intrested at 14k. so now it is my choice at 13500 . i will stick to this offer . if u need. then reply otherwise do mind ur own business.


Is it ME ?


IT is simple . software upgraded to me version.


give away price



final 11.5


Dear JShak,

Hopefully, you'll not mind if I post on your thread again. Just to inform you that my offer still stands. I am looking at it for my brother. However, if my brother buys any other cellphone then definitely I'll take off my offer.

Fe-Aman Allah.


no issues. my last stand will be in between 11.5 to 12 . that is my stand :)

i got it at 19k . so cant afford to loose 50 percent



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