Nokia....Intel Partnership A 'Win-Win'.....!

Nokia and Intel are joining hands to become Giant Partners as both are the Market Leaders in their Respective Industries!

Analysts Say:

While neither Nokia nor Intel would offer up specifics of what will spawn from their long-term collaborative effort to develop next-generation mobile computing devices, at least one industry analyst said the partnership is a "win-win" for both companies.

Nokia and Intel's relationship consists of three key parts: Intel licensing Nokia's 3G HSPA cellular technology for use with its chips; the pair collaborating on making their respective open-source implementations of Linux for small devices more compatible and collaboration on future Intel architectures (IA) for mobile devices.

The pairing is compelling and will be a big boost for both Nokia and Intel as they hash out a game plan, said Jack Gold, principal and founder of J.Gold Associates, a Northborough, Mass.-based mobility research firm.

Source: (ChannelWeb)

gud news.. :P