Nokia and Microsoft unite ?!?

Truly evil!?! No?

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Symbian devices to get native Office support

Microsoft and Nokia announced yesterday that the two were holding a teleconference to announce a new partnership. Speculation was that the two might be teaming up on smartphones or that it could be about Nokia getting into the netbook market.

Today the two companies have announced details of their new partnership to design, develop, and market mobile productivity solutions. In a nutshell, this agreement means that Nokia Symbian devices will get native capability to view and edit Microsoft Office documents.

With the new agreement, the two firms will collaborate on solutions that will be offered on a broad range of Nokia smartphone starting with the Eseries range aimed at business users. The solutions developed under the partnership will be marketed to both carriers and to consumers directly.

“With more than 200 million smartphone customers globally, Nokia is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and a natural partner for us,” said Stephen Elop. “Today’s announcement will enable us to expand Microsoft Office Mobile to Nokia smartphone owners worldwide and allow them to collaborate on Office documents from anywhere, as part of our strategy to provide the best productivity experience across the PC, phone, and browser.”

The announcement will allow Nokia to build on the work it is already doing to allow its Symbian devices to work well with Microsoft corporate email services like Exchange ActiveSync. Nokia says that it will begin shipping devices with Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile next year with other Office applications coming later.

The other applications will provide the ability to edit, create, and share Office documents with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Enterprise IM capabilities will be featured along with mobile intranet and extranet access. There is no word on how or if the injunction baring sales of Microsoft Word issued yesterday will impact the new agreement.

“The scope of the alliance between Microsoft and Nokia, and potential value for the enterprise and individual is significant,” said Stephen Drake, VP of Mobility & Telecom at IDC. “By bringing Microsoft’s productivity solutions to Nokia’s large customer base, the two companies should be better able to serve the needs of the growing mobile worker population, which IDC estimates to reach 1 billion worldwide in 2011.”


What does this mean for Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Palm and LG?

nothing really mean to other manufacturers.

these are all just tactics and to show some credibility of them selves and to show what their products can do. that is needed for a company to move forward. being alone is not a good and healthy decision in today's world.

this is a joint venture between two companies just like alway have been happened between

Microsoft - Yahoo

Yahoo - Google

Apple iPhone - Facebook/Twitter (nearly in future in news/rumors)

etc. etc....

and the native support was already available in Symbian devices.

this venture was just to initiate a factory installed software "Microsoft Office Mobile" in upcoming Nokia's Symbian devices . that was really be use full for Nokia users and it will be very easy to leave paid applications like Quick Office Pro.

I am not sure what will be the Pre-Installed MOB in the devices. it may be Trial version or Free Limited Version. but I guess it will be good enough than Quick Office.

And the ActiveSync will make it really user friendly just like "Docs To Go" for iPhone. I hope.

How is a simple Office sync going to effect companies like HTC which are almost totally using WinMo ... ?