Nokia 6600 softwares

Assalama Liekum allz, I need mp3 player and mp4 player for Nokia 6600. Please send me link to download.I want registered software. Thanks



You need registered software? You mean to say you need cracked/hacked version.? go to then from the software selections, Select "symbian 1 or 2" Or there is a search engine called Google. Try it. We are not supposed to give cracked software links here.:)

I found the software which i needed.:)

You meant *cracked* software :P

dotsis can provide you all you need

6600 can also play mp3 tomes when you install mp3 codec, do check that out too

Hi !

I have installed an s60 v1 application instead of s60 v2 on my memory card using nokia 6600. since then this card have not been detected in the cellphone. Everytime it is detected for a short duration only when i restart the cellphone, but when i open the gallery or try to use the memory card i receive the message "Memory card corrupted" and when i tried to format it the cellphone started formatting and then suddenly everything vanished out and it left the message for me "No memory card inserted".

Some one pleaze help me out of this situation....

visit u will found some softwares for 6600

it is not yet complete cuz of studies..

@ shoukaT: Thanks very much.