Nokia 6600 backlight

Hi allz, I just fall my Nokia 6600 by mistake and now its screen light is not appearing so i cannot see anything in a dark. All the things appearing on screen well but backlight of screen is not appearing. The keypad lights are appearing btw. Please help me by telling the solution or also tell me repairing rates?

you just messed up one of its IC. will cost you no more than 300

Alright it is now working. My brother done something with that in morning. Don't know what he done. Waise hi utha ke phainka hoga. Lol

LOL. So the newer version of Nokia 6600 keeps up with its ancestor's tradition, i.e. throw it and it messes up, throw again and it rocks!

Actually, Nokia 6600 just sucks. I will buy new one soon.