Nokia 6233 Hanging problem

Salam everybody, every time i put themes in my nokia 6233 it hangs! last time i had to get it flashed from nasa and it cost me 500Rs now again it is hanged i.e when i turn it on it starts for a brief second and then powers off.

any suggestions? what do i do? get it flashed again?


yea you have to flash it again

i beleive you can do it at home as well

if you have cable,,

Just search in google,, you ll find many ways of flashing

if you dont want to looose it ,, go to any shop,,

i upgraded the frimware using the data cable, works fine now, can anybody tell me if i can install flash software in it and also if there is a non symbian or java based software like fring?


there are many java applications available

just search some cell phone forums you ll get many

i used 6233 for more then 25 months

its really a great phone

have fun