Nokia 5800 XM users

guys i am planning to buy Nokia 5800 xm in next week. have any one got it?

how is it working? any serious issues in it? need to know before i buy it to avoid any future problem....

use to read user comments and reviews before you buy

for technical reviews and comparisons

i have read all reviews available already....need to know from some one here if possible before buying


then you should have made a decision to buy it or not to buy it. they were also the users and even from all around the world.

if you get any user here. they would normally have less experience with it regarding personal use. I agree that they can give their opinions about it but I am sure they will be limited, because it is recently launched in Pakistan and probably might not have an enough strength of its users. and the users who may have purchased it might not have explored it well yet to create or give opinions in full about it.

well i agree with you in. thanx

Its a good phone, get it.

I own a 5800. I read all the review listed above before buying the phone and NONE of them mention how pathetic the camera quality is; Its beyond words. On paper it looks like a respectable camera (with auto focus, dual flash) but in reality its all grainy and has 'issues' adapting to low light conditions. Everything else in the reviews is relatively accurate but if camera is your 'thing' then look elsewhere... Even if you're willing to compromise on camera quality a little bit, you'll still end up disappointed... you'll have to compromise on the camera COMPLETELY for you to be content with the phone.


i bought this phone 15 days back. For camera quality indoors i agree with you but you may need to fine tune scene settings. they improve image quality a lot. outdoors pics are very good in quality.

except camera the phone is just great..........