No need of wireless routers, Do simple steps and go wireless

Hey Everyone,

I just googled for setting up wireless network for home multiple pc's without a router and got this from microsoft's website..

...I dont have another pc right now because i am out of station, well if anybody tries it do post their experience

^yep i tried, it is of no use , as the base computer is to be always ON, and thats a bullshit, within an hour u will get sick of it.

man go for wireless router it will cost only 2000, and much more reliable,convenient and cost effective.

^ not to mention that the speed and range will not be the same as you would get with a router plus security since ad hoc mode can only use a WEP key which is insecure

Ad-hoc wireless network between computers is of no comparison with a proper wireless Access Point (a.k.a. wireless router). The purpose of ad-hoc wireless network is to communicate wirelessly for sharing information quickly and when it is needed, for example in a conference.