No browsing from yesterday?ANyone here?

Its like 18 hrs from the time my browsing has stopped.Resetted the router ,it appears as i am connected to the internet...

But then where is the problem why isnt there any browsing?

Called the ptcl folks like 3 times in the morning,I think they blocked my number or

Is this a temporary problem,cause i aint fond of waiting for the ptcl guy to come cause they take like 7 days to come!!

solemn_soul17,they are having problems with their dns server,sometimes its up and sometimes its messed up and right now the browsing and downloading is too slow.

bro add this in your alternate DNS browsing will start workin..

my net is working fine......

mine too! thread should be closed! net iz working now :o

thanks guys for your help :)..ptcl is acting like a b324 these days

b324??? :o